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La Ligue Française contre l'Epilepsie

est le chapitre français de International Ligue Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Elle est ouverte à tous les professionnels (médecins, professions paramédicales et sociales), qui ont choisi de consacrer leur savoir et leur énergie au service des patients épileptiques.


Michael Prize 2017

Dear Colleagues,
the Michael Prize awarded for the first time in 1963 in Germany is now one of the most highly regarded international prizes for research which is contributing to further developments in epileptology. The Michael Prize is officially awarded at the biennially organized International Epilepsy Congresses which underlines its great importance for the international epileptology community. Applications must be submitted in English language.
Initially open for applications of younger researchers for all basic and clinical research in epileptology, the Michael Prize 2017 is concentrating on the three following specific areas of epileptology which in former prizes in our opinion have not been sufficiently represented: "clinical neurophysiology", "neuropsychology, psychology and psychiatry", and "neuroimaging".
Our Board of Trustees would much appreciate it if you could publish the announcement of the 2017 Michael Prize on the website of the French Chapter of the International League against Epilepsy or in any other way that would help to disseminate the information on the Michael Prize.
The official text of the announcement is attached for your information and perusal; you may shorten or modify it according to your requirements.
With many thanks in advance and looking forward to your positive reaction.
Yours sincerely
Dr. Heinz Buehler
Managing Director
Michael Foundation

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