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La Ligue Française contre l'Epilepsie

est le chapitre français de International Ligue Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Elle est ouverte à tous les professionnels (médecins, professions paramédicales et sociales), qui ont choisi de consacrer leur savoir et leur énergie au service des patients épileptiques.


Les résolutions de l’OMS sur l’Epilepsie approuvées par la World Health Assembly

WHO Resolution on Epilepsy approved at World Health Assembly
Dear Colleagues,
I am elated to inform you that the Resolution, “Global burden of epilepsy and the need for coordinated action at the country level to address its health, social and public knowledge implications,” was approved May 26 by the WHO General Assembly and it is now an official WHO document. The support was extraordinary, with 29 countries making statements (without counting the many who spoke on behalf of other countries in their region), 17 agreeing to co-sponsor, and other NGOs adding their support. This is a huge success that could not be achieved without extraordinary team work, the essential contribution from Global Research and Global Outreach Task Force Chairs (Shichuo Li, Alla Guekht, and Mary Secco), and great partnership from IBE in all efforts.
My special thanks to all Regional Commission Chairs and to all Chapters and individuals who worked so hard to make this possible.
Emilio Perucca, President of the ILAE

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