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La Ligue Française contre l'Epilepsie

est le chapitre français de International Ligue Against Epilepsy (ILAE). Elle est ouverte à tous les professionnels (médecins, professions paramédicales et sociales), qui ont choisi de consacrer leur savoir et leur énergie au service des patients épileptiques.


Announcement for the 2015 Michael Prize

Announcement for the 2015 Michael Prize
Awarded for the first time in 1963 to encourage epilepsy research in Germany, to date the MICHAEL PRIZE is one of the most highly regarded international awards for the best contribution to scientific and clinical research which promote further developments in epileptology.

The MICHAEL PRIZE is awarded biennially and is specially designed to attract younger scientists not older than 45 years of age.
The prize fund is 20,000 Euros.

For the MICHAEL PRIZE 2015 may be considered:
---up to a maximum of three papers in English language
---at least one of them, published or not yet published, must be from the period 2013 / 2014

Papers, publications or manuscripts, together with a curriculum vitae, should be submitted to STIFTUNG MICHAEL before December 31, 2014
References are not required.

Entry form and upload:
Since 2006 the MICHAEL PRIZE is sponsored by UCB International.

Members of the Jury:
Heidrun Potschka, Munich / Germany
Matthias Koepp, London / United Kingdom
Solomon Moshé, New York / USA
For information:
Alsstr. 12
D – 53227 Bonn / Germany
Phone: +49(0)228 - 94 55 45 40
Fax: +49(0)228 - 94 55 45 42

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